Our Studio Services

Our clients rely on us to tell their best story and we help shape their messages to be authentic and effective. Our clients may need strategic content planning or video production services, we meet them at those needs and help them connect with and inspire their audiences.


We can take creative lead on scripting, storyboarding, casting, scheduling, booking crew and securing permits or insurance if necessary.

Agency Collaboration

We partner with agencies and firms to deliver high-end products for high-profile clients. We support our clients with logistics, technical solutions and crewing services.


We can handle producing, shooting, art direction, sound recording and all other crew needs for on-site production or studio production.

Studio Partners

We collaborate with other creative studios for work on client projects that may have extra complexity. Our goal is to add value to our studio partners by elevating their projects.


We can cover all video editing, motion graphics, animation, stock licensing, music composition, sound design, final mix and color grading needs.

Political Firms & Campaigns

We work with top democratic firms and campaigns to deliver the content they need to run a winning campaign. Our award winning work has contributed to dozens of successful campaigns.


How We Make A Video

We approach each project with a customized workflow that is unique to the parameters of the project. This means that some projects may have different milestone, but most of our project will follow this process.


We review your current usage of video and the competitive landscape. We then review several ideas with you for optimizing and utilizing video to boost your marketing performance. This helps us identify quick opportunities for our first projects together. This also gives us a jump on your video marketing strategy for ongoing video creation and optimization. From this we are able to create a scope of work for you.

Discovery & Ideation

Each project begins with a discovery process that helps us understand your key message points, your target audience and your business goals. We’ll work with you to determine the right video player platform, provide direction on functionality for interaction and identify the right voice and tone so you’ll engage your audience and have a clear call-to-action.

Scripting & Concepting

Our team will concisely create a script with visual and audio direction to deliver the right message using proven scripting techniques. We start with a concept, build out a script, then storyboard. An appropriate call-to-action is also identified to ensure high engagement with your business. Scripting is one of the most important steps of the process as it sets the stage for all of the remaining steps. Done right, this will ensure a smooth production and deployment of your video.

Storyboarding & Styling

We work out the style of the video using the references from our discovery & ideation phase to create a few style frames. A style frame is just a still image of what your video will look like at a specific point in the script. A deliverable will sometime be anywhere from 2-6 style frames. The storyboard is typically one to several frames from each scene and meant to give you a sense of story progression along with working out the shots you need to get, framing for those shots, etc. Typically a storyboard will contain a dozen or more still images with some directional notes attached for transitioning to and from that board.


It’s production time! This is one of the most exciting steps of the project. The videographer and crew will follow the storyboard and script, include supportive b-roll footage, and ensure that the footage we capture lends itself to the creative vision outlined during the pre-production steps. To achieve this, we use the best available talent to create your video asset. Most production companies and agencies are limited to the talent they have on staff or from a single partner provider. This limits your options. We understand that the talent required for an interview is very different from talent needed for an animated video or creative advertisement. We’ll help you by matching the right talent for you to ensure your specific project needs are met.


Editing is where all of the production elements really come together. Skilled creative editors craft your message using the video footage captured, add visual effects, sound enhancements, voiceovers, or narratives to ensure everything reflects your brand message. In most small production projects, you will see the rough cut in as little as 7 days from production. With collaborative feedback, revisions are made and the audio and visual elements are polished. All of our video projects come standard with a rough cut and two rounds of client revisions, which is generally more than enough to deliver outstanding results.

Our Capabilities


  • Ideation
  • Script Writing
  • Scheduling
  • Booking Crew
  • Securing Permits & Insurance


  • On-Site 4k Production
  • Documentary Filmmaking
  • Art Direction
  • Lighting Design
  • Podcast Recording


  • Long-form Video Editing
  • Motion Graphics
  • Animation
  • Sound Design
  • Color Correction


Political Ads


Explainer Videos


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